Full Overhaul

Bicycle Overhaul

Some bicycles are like life-long friends – irreplaceable! Performing an overhaul on your bicycle will return it to new or better mechanical condition. Depending on use and conditions, a bicycle will typically need this every 5-7 years.


36+ point safety check & written estimate provided (if requested) prior to additional work being performed.

Discuss and recommend actions(s) to bring your bike back to its proper operating condition.

Inflate tires to correct tire pressure.

Lubricate chain, cables, and all parts that move.

Lubricate cables and adjust cable tension, adjust limit screws, and adjust B screw for proper shifting.

Lubricate cables and adjust cable tension, align pads, and adjust caliper balance for proper braking.

A bent derailleur hanger is a very common cause of poor shifting. We will verify straightness and align your hanger with an alignment gauge.

Each wheel will be removed from the bicycle and laterally trued in our truing stand. Spoken tension and balance will be observed. Loose spokes will be brought back up to the proper tension.

If bearings are serviceable, we will verify and adjust for proper preload. We will inspect non-serviceable bearings.

We will check all accessible fasteners on the bicycle for proper torque.

Excessive friction in your shift cables and housing will cause sluggish shifting. If your cables/housing have reached the end of their useful life, we can replace in conjunction with the tune up for parts plus a discounted labor rate.

We will wash your bike in our indoor bike wash! Keeping your bike clean reduces component wear and problems.

Even and balanced spoke tension is key for problem-free miles. We will verify and correct spoken tension and tension balance.

For overhauls, every component is removed from the frame. The frame is cleaned and carefully inspected for any damage. All threaded and bearing surfaces are also cleaned thoroughly.

After being removed from the frame, each component is disassembled, cleaned, lubricated, and reassembled.

If any components are worn, damaged, or have reached the end of their usable life, they will be replaced. Component cost is additional, but there is no additional labor.

All wear items that show any significant amount of wear will be replaced. Examples of this are cables and housing, brake pads, bar tape, etc.

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